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Current Jazz Venues

Feb 27, 2017 - The most-consistent TO venues devoted to jazz are listed below including links to each venue for further info.
** Indicates venue websites with player lineups posted.
**The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar - 2-4 shows/day; 7 days/Week; (cover varies)
194 Queen St West (416-598-2475); See The Rex website for player line-ups!

**The Emmet Ray Bar - Live Music 7 nts/wk; Jazz Sunday & Mondays; (PWYC)
924 College St, just east of Dovercourt (416-792-4497). Trendy Bistro food! Eclectic variety of music.
See Emmet Ray website for player line-ups!

**Gate 403 Restaurant - Jazz, Blues, Latin & Boogie 7 days/Week; (no cover)
403 Roncesvalles, south of Dundas St West (416-588-2930) (Free parking at Howard P.S. parking lot located on west side of Roncesvalles on Howard Park Ave.)
See Gate 403 website for player line-ups!

Harlem Restaurant - Jazz Mondays; 8-11pm; (no cover)
67 Richmond St East (416-368-1920). See Harlem's website for more info.
Weekly Mondays: Neil Brathwaite (sax) with guests

The Motel - Jazz Mondays, 10:30-1am (no cover)
1235 Queen St St W; (647-381-6246) just W of Dufferin St
Weekly Mondays: Nathan Hiltz solo guitar

**120 Diner - Jazz Tuesdays thru Sundays, various times and cover
120 Church St, just south of Queen St East (416-792-7725). See 120 website for player line-ups!

**The Salty Dog Bar and Grill - Jazz Tuesdays; plus Wed March 1, 7-10pm (PWYC)
1980 Queen Street East, north side @ Waverley Ave, 4 blocks east of Woodbine, just west of Kew Gardens (416-849-5064); See Salty Dog's website for player line-ups!
Playing with Greg Pilo (drums) ... quartets with some of Toronto's finest (since 2010)!

La Revolución - Jazz Tuesdays, 8-10:30pm (no cover)
2848 Dundas St W; (416-766-0746)
Piano & Guest Duos with Peter Hill (keys) ...

The Reservoir Lounge Swing, Jump Blues & Boogie Woogie 5 nts/wk;
Tue thru Sat; 7 pm or 9:45 pm
(cover varies)
52 Wellington St East, west of Church (416-955-0887); Light club menu till 2 a.m.!
See Reservoir Lounge website for monthly calendar.

Tranzac Club - Jazz various evenings! (PWYC)
292 Brunswick Ave, just south of Bloor (416-923-8137). See Tranzac website for some music details. See Feb 22-29, 2016 Tranzac Newsletter for full calendar.

Duggans Brewery - Jazz Wednesday Trios, 7-10pm; PWYC
1346 Queen St West, two blocks west of Dufferin at Brock; (416-588-1086). See Duggan's website for more info.

Whistlers Grill - Jazz Wednesdays, Sunday 'Blues', 7pm; no cover
995 Broadview Ave at Mortimer(416-421-1344). See Whistlers website for more info.
Weekly Wednesdays: Jazz Response Unit with Aaron Harnett (keys) and guests
Weekly Sunday 'Blues'

**Mezzetta Restaurant & Tapas Bar - Jazz Wednesdays, 9pm ($12 cover)
681 St Clair Ave W, west of Christie (416-658-5687
See Mezzetta's website for player line-ups! thru March.
Weekly Duos often guitar-based.

**The Home Smith Bar - Jazz weekly Thursday, Friday and Saturdays; 7:30-10:30pm
Monthly Tuesdays start Feb 7; 7:30-10:30pm
; ($20 min food-bev)
21 Old Mill Road (416-236-2741). See Home Smith Bar website for more info and player line-ups, or these links for: March and April.

Jazz Bistro - Evening Shows, Tuesdays thru Sundays; (cover and show times vary)
251 Victoria St (416-363-5299)
While their site is under construction, see their Feb schedule on this site's side bar.

Reposado Tequila Bar - Jazz Wed-Thurs-Fri, after 9:30pm; PWYC
136 Ossington Ave, N of Queen St W; (416-532-6474); See Reposado's website for more info.
Wed Michael Herring and guests (bass);
Th-F Tim Hamel's Reposadists (trumpet) with guests

**Poetry Jazz Cafe - Various Jazz Thursday thru Sundays; evenings & Sunday afternoons; $10 cover or PWYC Sundays
224 Augusta Ave in Kensington Market(416-599-5299)
See full music schedule here at Poetry's website. Limited seating!

**Lula Lounge - usually Jazz Thursday-Fridays; (dates & cover vary)
1585 Dundas St West, 416-588-0307. See full calendar Lula Lounge events for more info.

**Jazz at Oscar's - Fridays, 9-11:30pm;(no cover)
Arbor Room, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto (licensed)
See Oscar's website for more info and all music listings. This is a licensed room.

Moves to 2nd Floor 'Stealth Lounge' starting Jan 7, 2017!
**The Pilot Tavern - Jazz Saturdays, 3-6pm (no cover)
22 Cumberland St, 2nd Fl, Stealth Lounge; 1/2 block west of Yonge, 1 block north of Bloor (416-923-5716)
See The Pilot website for more info.
Weekly Quartets ... with some of Toronto's finest (since ...forever)!

**May Cafe - Various evenings;(cover varies)
876 Dundas St West, west of Manning Ave (647-607-2032)
See May's website for jazz their Jazz events and player details.

**Morgans - Jazz Sunday Trios or Duos; 2-5pm; (no cover)
1282 Danforth Ave, just east of Greenwood (416-461-3020). See Morgans' website or call them for more info.
Weekly Trios/Duos through March 26

The Local GEST - Jazz Sundays, 4:30-7:30pm (no cover)
424 Parliament St, south of Carlton (416-961-9425). See The Local's website for more info.
Weekly Trios/Duos return Feb 12

Pour Boy - Jazz Sundays, 7pm; (PWYC)
583 College St, between Clinton & Manning (647-350-7687)
See Pour Boy's Website here for more info.
Tim Hamel (trumpet) with guests

Gallery 345 - Jazz, various performance dates & cover
345 Sorauren Ave (416-822-9781). Find the full performance schedule at the Gallery's website.
see their website's link above for jazz ComingUp ...

For more jazz/blues club listings, plus, see our Other Jazz Links page.

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click to see larger version click to see larger versionclick to see larger version
Salty Dog Tuesdays: this week, Plus Wednesday! Feb 28 and March 1: Greg Pilo (drums) with Dave Young (bass), Reg Schwager (guitar) and Perry White (sax)

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March Wednesdays, 6:30pm, The Rex: Johnny Griffith Trio (alto) with Artie Roth (bass) and Chris Wallace (drums)

click to see larger versionclick to see larger versionWed-Thur March 1-2 at The Rex: Kirk MacDonald (sax)-Harold Mabern (piano) Quartet with Neil Swainson (bass) and Andre White (drums); above pix from Aug 2015 and Dec 2016

click to see larger versionclick to see larger versionFri March 3 at The Rex: Mike Murley(sax) and NYC's Dave Liebman (sax/flute) with Jim Vivian (bass) and Ted Warren (drums)

Jazz at Oscar's at Hart House

Oscar's at Hart House, Friday, Mar 3, 9pm: with Allison Au (alto) Quartet;
Oscar's: Fri March 10: with Tune Town: Kelly Jefferson (sax), Artie Roth (bass) and Ernesto Cervini (drums)
See Oscar's website for more info.

click to see larger version click to see larger versionclick to see larger version March 9-10 at The Rex: Mark Eisenman Quintet (piano) with Pat LaBarbera (sax), John McLeod (trumpet/flugel), Steve Wallace (bass) and Mark Micklethwaite (drums)

March 9 at Hirut on the Danforth: Marty Harrison Quintet (drums) with Tom Reynolds (keys), Kurt Lund (alto), Anton Budi (baritone sax), Peter Telford (bass)

click to see larger version March 10 at Hirut: Don Naduriak Quintet (keys) with Bob Rice (trumpet), Russ Little (trombone), Steve Lucas (bass) and Joaquin Hidalgo (drums)

click to see larger version See more info at JPEC website here or George Weston Hall events.

Congrats Juno Jazz Nominees

click to see larger versionclick to see larger versionclick to see larger versionclick to see larger version See all Jazz nominees here from the Ottawa Citizen Jazz Blog, which has much to say about 'Jazz'!

Photos: Natasha Large (unless noted)
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